Monday, August 11, 2008

A School of Copper Toilet Float Fish

Yeah you read that right. What are they you ask? Well, a few years ago on my favorite forum Garden Junk, a wonderful lady named Pam had some of these amazing gold fish in her garden. I fell in love with them and wanted some for myself. It was not as easy as just going to a pet store to buy them. It was a matter of collecting copper sheets, copper toilet floats, copper tubing, copper pipe, old used washers, solder, four hands and a few hours of elbow grease. I only had a picture to go by to create these little charmers, and it was like building a puzzle. My DH drew out a pattern from the picture and I traced the pattern on pieces of copper sheets. I then cut them out with tin snips. Let me tell you, that is not an easy procedure. My hands hurt for two days afterwards. Next, we began the soldering process. It took a few hours to solder them together, and fasten them to the copper pipe in the garden. I glued their eyes on with GE Silicone glue due to the fact that it is a difficult task soldering all those pieces on, and by heating up the copper they will fall off, if you are not careful. So, instead of risking that, I decided it would be much easier to just glue the eyes on after we were all done. Piece of cake you say? Oh yeah...piece of cake...(-:
I know Pam would be pleased to know I finally got these finished. You see Pam passed away June 7, 2006 after a long illness. I miss her. She was a big inspiration to me. I hope she is looking down on my beautiful goldfish and smiling!!!!! Thank You Pam!!! Each time I see my beautiful gold fish I will think of you(-:

These are Pams' inspiration fish that I copied...


Pam/Digging said...

Those are hilarious! It gives a whole new meaning to the term "flying fish." You did a marvelous job constructing them. If you could stand to make an entire school of them, I bet you could sell out at a craft fair.

cindee said...

Hi Pam,
Yeah those things would sell great at a craft fair. I would have bought them at a craft fair if I would have seen any(-: To much work though. I wouldn't want to make anymore...(-: Thanks for stopping by(-:

Renna said...

That is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I don't think I'm up for the job, though. I have enough problems with pain in my hands as it is.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Love them! And what a sweet DH you have! I know your friend Pam would be very pleased. What a wonderful way to cherish her memory!

Perennial Gardener said...

What a nice way to remember a friend. I love those copper fishies. They are so cute. Very creative project Cindee! :)

Eve said...

You are as my Mama would say, "a ring tailed wonder". LOL...I love these. I don't think I could make these due to my lazy factor lately, but if I was still into my garden junk mode, I would be all over these. : )

just jody said...

ok.....add toilet floats to shopping list.....

great job, cindee

pammiejo said...

I love those! You're truly an artist! Very nice, Cindee! PAM

Outer Banks Mom said...

Cindee, you should seriously consider opening some kind of craft store or stand, your things are fantastic! You always do such a great job :) Those fish are great.

lola said...

Love the fish Cindee. What a great way to remember a good friend. Sure would sell if a person was a mind to tackle it.
Wouldn't mind making a couple for myself if I had info. That kind of float is getting scarce.
Good job.

cindee said...

Hi Renna,
Thanks!!! It isn't a good project if you have hand problems. But you can do it just take breaks as you go.

Hi meadowview thymes,
Thank You!!(-: My DH is very nice to spend the afternoon working on the fish with me(-:

Hi Perennial gardener,
Glad you enjoyed the fishies(-:

Hi Eve,
I have never heard that term before...but its a cute one(-: Thanks!!!!

Hi Jody,
Copper floats are hard to find but I think they still sell them at Ace Hardware(-:

Hi PammieJo,
Thanks!!! And thanks for stopping by!!!(-:

Hi Outerbanks Mom!
Thanks for the comments!!

Hi Lola,
Thanks!! I think the floats can be found at ACE Hardware. But copper prices are high now so everything would be expensive to buy. I collected things as I saw them on sale etc. It took a while that way but it saved a lot.(-:

Farm Chick Paula said...

I love them!!! They kinda look like Nemo!

Nola said...

How adorable; I'll bet they get prettier with age. The copper should develop a lovely patina as time goes by! The best part is that you will remember your friend each time you see them!

Cinj said...

Another wonderful project Cindee! If I could ever get that shed of mine finished I might be able to find the time to do something fun. I'm thinking about making a butterfly house, bird house, bird feeder, and a couple of windowboxes. What else am I supposed to do with all that scrap lumber????

Skeeter said...

A great tribute to your friend!

cindee said...

Hi Farm Chick Paula,
Thanks for your comment about the fish(-:

Hi nola,
I will post a picture of the fish I got the inspiration from. They have a wonderful patina and I hope mine will too someday(-:
Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment!!!!

Hi Cindy,
Oh the projects you can do with all that scrap lumber!!! You lucky girl!!! I can't wait to see what you create. I love the window box idea!!!

Hi Skeeter,
Thanks !!!

Doris said...

OMG....Those are just way to cute...I want some!!!!

Brenda Kula said...

They're beautiful, Cindee! You did a great job, and what a nice memory connected to them! So sorry about your friend. But it's like with my memorial gardens, I guess. I go out there and feel like I'm with them again. Hopefully you will feel that too. Gives you a sense of peace.

gardenpath said...

I love them, and heck, I threw one of those floats away! That is a project worth doing.

Alex said...

Thank you for your love and encouragement.

tina said...

Those are so cool and you are extra gifted. I could never be able to figure out how to make them. I have seen similarly made fish with 2 liter bottles but I like the copper so much. Sorry about Pam, yes, I bet she is smiling at your fish.

Anna said...

That is so grand. Flying Float Toilet Fish---yes, your friend is smiling down at you. Great Job. I like them the copper color cause they look like gold fish. But who doesn't like the nice patina of green copper too? Either way---very clever and well thought out. Thanks for the tip about the copper melting.

cindee said...

Hi Doris,
Thanks for stopping by!!! Glad you enjoyed the fish!!! You could work on some this winter!!!

Hi Brenda,
Thanks. I am glad you liked the gold fish too(-:

Hi gardenpath,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting about the fish. To bad you threw one of those out. Maybe you will find another one(-:

Hi Alex,
You are welcome. Keep getting better!!!!

Hi Tina,
Thanks for your nice comment!! I have never seen the 2 liter bottle fish. I bet they are cool too(-:

Hi Anna,
Thanks! I think they are pretty copper color too for that same reason(-: