Monday, September 1, 2014

Dumped Family

Someone dumped two kittens and their Mom on the road yesterday. I was passing by and had to turn around and go pick them up. I can't stand to see things like this happen. The kittens were nursing and the Mom cat, who we have named Fiona. They were laying in the road. Someone would have ran them over. There was no water or food anywhere left behind for them either. How can people do this? )-: It makes me so mad. So of course they are here in the garden safe from danger. Hopefully they will find a home, but if not I will keep Fiona and the kittens who are both males. My other two stray cats don't seem to mind them being here so that is nice. I guess they all understand the life of a homeless cat who gets rescued.(-:  I am keeping them inside at night until they are bigger. They seem to be pretty use to being inside cats. They do however enjoy being outside too.

Found a home for the striped kitten. He has a nice home and  lots of love. Now just need one more home for the black and white kitten. Hopefully soon(-:

Update#2 A home was found for the black and white kitty. Yay they are both in good homes with lots of love and attention(-: Of course Fiona is having a heart attack but I am sure she will get over it and then I will take her to get spayed.(-:

Update#3 Black and White Kitty came back. Person who took him was not able to keep a male cat at the place they lived. So Black and White Kitty looking for new home again )-:

Update#4 Well looks like Black and White Kitty is going to be staying with us. We have named him. His name is Filipe. Fiona is happy that we are keeping her son.(-:

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My Little Family: said...

You are so sweet to rescue those babies and their mama.