Thursday, April 3, 2008

Leaves A Plenty

Yippee I received my violet leaf order today from Bluebird Greenhouse
I also received several gift leaves too. I decided to get them planted and tagged so when they grow I will know what is what(-: O.K. so that is wishful thinking I guess, but I am hoping they all grow!! I plan to share some with my friend and I know she will be hoping they grow too. So the little violets need your good wishes so they can plant their roots and bloom!


Brenda Kula said...

Are those African violets for indoors? I wasn't certain. I use to have the light set-up and everything for those. Now my space inside is taken up with a saltwater aquarium! And one of my cats eats every plant that comes in the house. So my gardening all has to take place outdoors! That's okay, we have pretty good weather here year round!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the link to Bluebird greenhouse. I may have to order a streptocarcus from them ~ they have some beautiful ones. Good luck with your violets.

Anna said...

Grow babies grow!!! Sending good vibes your way!!