Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now!!!

And that is no lie...WOW is all I can say about this stuff. If you have water spots on your windows this is the stuff to buy. I got some at ACE Hardware and it is amazing. It is non toxic. I guess originally it was for car glass but it worked like magic to remove the hard water stains on my window. I used the ultra fine steel wool pads with the cleaner and just scrubbed in a circular pattern. It took me two hours to get my one window clean but its like brand new. And that window was completely hazed over from hard water stain build up, about 17 years worth!. I thought the window was history because it had been on there for so long. I even called a glass company and they told me there was no way it was going to come off. So I tried ACE and someone there suggested this stuff. I was so happy!!!!You do have to work at it. Its not a spray on and wipe off type cure. But its so worth the outcome!!!!
I can now enjoy the beautiful flowers blooming in my yard by looking out my sparkling clean, clear window!!!
Anyhow just wanted to pass on the info in case anyone needs to wash windows…(-:

UPDATE: I've been asked where to buy this besides ACE and I am going to post the info here:
Watkins of Sacramento
P.O. Box 38301
Sacramento, CA 95838
1-800-668-2887 Toll Free Or...
916-925-8451 Local number in Sacramento


Nancy J. Bond said...

It's amazing what a boost something like that can give you! I must remember that product, if it's available here. My parents' windows get a tough, white haze on them from the salt water--they live on the coast. Nothing else we've tried has done much good. Thanks!

Lin in SoCA said...

As much fun as it isn't to clean windows, it makes a big difference, doesn't it? Thanks for the product info!

cindee said...

Yes when something works it makes it all worth while no matter how much time it takes(-: I think you can order it online from ACE Hardware. It is only like 4.99 which is nice too. I have seen stuff online that is a lot more pricey! Thanks for commenting(-:

Anna said...

I bet that would work on those old shower doors too. That's why I switched to shower curtains.