Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ordering Online

Does anyone have problems when ordering online? Like getting something that is not as described? I mean like it is complete junk and you were charged an arm and a leg?
Then you contact the seller and request your money back and they say oh you can't do that! What? Well the fine print says all sales final.
Well I never listen to them. I go to Pay Pal and complain. Money back guaranteed.
My recent purchase was t shirts for the Eclipse, of Snoopy and Charlie Brown. They were so cute online. You might have seen them on Facebook.
Well here is a bit of advice:
Never assume anything.(-:
I got the two t shirts I ordered. They were almost 30.00 a piece with shipping. They were junk. The graphic was faded and did not have the colors like the above advertised shirt did. It was all cracked the ink did not cover the whole design. It was flat and not detailed like the above shirt. The shirt was a dark grey not black like I ordered. The white was actually grey in the picture not white. It was hard to get a good picture of the t shirts. The camera was not cooperating. Not to mention they had a terrible smell. Like something died in the bag they came in.
If the shirts were 5 bucks at Wal-Mart then they would be worth it, but not for custom made, 30 bucks each.
I asked my niece who works for a silk screening company and she said they were not printed correctly. They were printed in a printer not silk screened. That makes a huge difference in the quality of the t shirt design. Also sometimes the pre print treatment they put on the shirt will smell but it should go away after a bit. It should not stay on the shirt like mine did. She said something was also wrong with the ink in their printer and that is why it printed the way it did. She said I should ask for my money back.
So I did. Now I am sending the shirts back so I can get a refund from Pay Pal.
I will never buy t shirts online again unless they are guaranteed to refund money if not happy.
Those Facebook t shirt ads look great and it is hard not to order at times, but I will not order again. After I started reading comments under the t shirt I had ordered there were a lot of unhappy customers. So it wasn't just me.
So now I have no Eclipse t shirt to wear for the event. LOL Oh well next time maybe.

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