Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy First Day Of August

As they say, Time flies when you are having fun! So I guess that must mean I am having fun right?
This year is flying by fast.
Some people say it happens when you get old. That could be it.
I remember when I was a teenager dreading the end of Summer and having to go back to school.
Although then it seemed like Summer went on forever.
I was busy then too. I guess the worries of life were not on my mind.
So it must have something to do with getting old.
I do wish the weather would cool down.
Today's high is going to be brutal.
I am hoping because of the smoke from fires around the state, it won't get as hot as they say.
Just for fun I am going to think of things to come in the cooler months ahead.
I hope you are staying cool!

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