Monday, July 31, 2017

Stomach Virus

It has made it's way around the family. My Son and I are not included in this adventure yet. Last week my Son in Law got sick. I'm talking the major stomach upset full on volcano explosion.
The Princess got sick Friday. Daughter on Saturday. I spend the night with them on Saturday night because my daughter was so sick and couldn't watch the Princess. Hubby was out of town. Princess was feeling better by then. I figured I would be next. So far so good. (-: All those years working at school with sick kids may have paid off? Fingers crossed.
At the time my daughter called, my husband was also sick. SO whatever it is, is nasty. It comes and goes. One minute you are feeling good the next you are running for the bathroom. It doesn't help when it is 500 degrees outside either.
So when will this virus leave? No one knows. Just hopefully before it involves me(-:
Lucky think I stocked up on 7up. (-: Ugh I hate getting sick.
Anyhow, today we have a lot of hibiscus blooming and a sunflower. I ran outside and took a few pictures before I evaporated into dust.
Tomorrows high 115? Seriously? Why? LOL Can it be Fall now?

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