Saturday, July 1, 2017

New Rooster

Often someone drops off an unwanted animal on the road near our property. This time it was a very pretty white rooster. Not sure of what kind. He is small and fluffy. My daughter spotted him when she came to drop the Princess off. He was still there after she got off work 11 hours later. So we all went down the road to rescue him. It was pretty easy as he was hot and tired and ready to be rescued. My daughter had taken food and water to him on her way back down the road to work earlier. He gobbled it up and was happy to get more when she came back from work. So it seemed he was pretty domesticated.

The girls like him. We only have two left since the hungry bobcat ate all the other birds a couple years ago. So once again we have a rooster. He does like to crow. Oh boy what fun! LOL

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