Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lighted Butterfly

I got the cutest light up butterfly yesterday. It is new made to look old. It supposedly had a timer and all that. Well when I got it, there was just an on and off switch. No timer setting. I wrote to the person I got it from and instead of returning item they said I could keep it and would just take money off the selling price. So since I love the butterfly I said yes. Well, to my surprise after the butterfly was lit for 6 hours it did turn off! Should I feel bad? I am going to wait until the time of day comes that the butterfly is suppose to turn on again and see. Then I will decide.(-: Made in China of course so not like it is worth that much to start with. It just makes me mad when I order something and it is not what it says it is. Here is a picture of the on/off switch
The instructions say turn to timer setting if you want the butterfly to be on for 6 hours and shut off. It is suppose to automatically turn on again in 18 hours. Well I looked for the on/off switch and there was no timer setting. That is why I wrote to the seller. I have several candles that do have timers and they do have a setting for that or instructions on how to push a button to set. Anyhow, it is cute and I know the Princess will enjoy seeing it lit up.

It is not for outside though. It has a cardboard backing that is removable so you can replace lights I guess. Which is fine, because I plan to use inside.
This picture is from the sellers listing. I didn't take a picture of it here. I think it looks better in person.

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