Thursday, July 20, 2017

Last Rusting Project

Decided this is it for the rusting butterflies. This one was not cooperating at all. Finally after spending the whole day dipping/letting it dry/dipping/letting it dry it finally worked. Ugh! No idea why that was. So decided this is the last one. LOL
In between this activity I worked on the bedrooms getting everything back together after the carpeting fiasco. So glad that is over too. That is also the last time I do that.
Is it just me or do people just have no respect for anything anymore? No respect for time or pride in the work they do or anything. I am discouraged by people. It also seems that no one wants to work anymore. Or go the extra mile so to speak. I was brought up differently I guess.
The carpet fiasco was just one thing.
The selling of my Mom's house was another and the gardener that mowed my Mom's lawn was another. It just seems that no one cares anymore about the work they do.
The realtor for the buyer gave the key to the buyers after they started escrow. That really made me mad. So unethical it seems. They left food uneaten in the house on the counters and cigarette butts smashed on the front sidewalk. Just rude and disrespectful.
I would never do that. People now days seem to not give a second thought. So glad that fiasco is over too.
It is going to be another hot weekend. How long till Fall? LOL
Have a great weekend!

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