Friday, July 14, 2017

Game Changer

So for several years now I have had terrible knee pain. It at times paralyzed me to the point I had to sit down. It came and went though so I kept on going when the pain was minimal. Nothing keeps me down for long. Although this knee pain did put a total damper on my fun and walking and etc. I had surgery on the same knee in high school for a torn meniscus. I just figured it was arthritis from that. But now I think it may have been a combo of things. I did buy new shoes all the time, but they never helped. The other day I got new shoes again and also had ordered some of these socks.
I wore them all day yesterday for the first time and even with having the Princess with me for 11 hours I was still going at 11pm. That is a miracle in itself. So I would say yes these socks do work!
This morning I expected to be in pain, but nope, nada. What is in these socks? No idea. They are really amazing. I will keep you posted on how I do. I did however order two more pairs. One for hubby to try and another for me.(-:
If you want to try them and you should... I got mine from Glenda @ Tootsie Time. Yes she sells socks too! Send her an email.
Order yours here:VoxxSocks from Glenda Duchak


Tootsie said...

Girl...I am so happy to hear you love your socks. I didn't realize you had this post up until one of your friends wrote me and said she wanted some garden socks just like yours. then she sent a link,
They really are magic the way they take pain and make it go away...and all the other things they help with blows me away!
I am glad you tried them!

CiNdEe said...

Hi Tootsie/Glenda,
Yup they are working so well I am afraid to take them off. On the weekend I walked and walked all over the place. Went shopping all day and never once had any pain in my knee. I was sore the next day but just muscle soreness not pain. I am over the moon happy. I have not been able to walk that much in years. So yes I say they are magic.(-: