Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Weirdest Thing

I was painting and hanging a wallpaper border over the weekend. I had about two inches that had not been cut off yet and was sticking out from the wall. I was touching up paint and when I looked down this face appeared. Seriously I did not paint this. I couldn't even begin to paint it. It just appeared. So my question is what to think?

It doesn't scare me, but everyone who I have showed it to is freaked out. She looks unhappy to me but at the same time looks like she is wearing a veil? Like a wedding veil maybe? I guess you have to use your imagination. I have acquired some antiques from my Mom and my first thought is someone is lingering about the house. (-: I guess you have to believe in spirits. Which I do. Anyhow had to share. Feel free to post comments(-:


CanadianGardenJoy said...

This is amazing .... I am not a big believer but no one could deny this "portrait" ?
Hey ... weirder things have happened right ? ... but for interest sake alone this is fascinating !

ferne said...

Wow! I have been busy and not doing much internet between a visit from my grandson and our floors getting done so I am catching up on your blog posts. My poor blog seems abandoned...not sure why I have such a mental block about posting on it lately, maybe I will get back to it soon. That brush stroke is quite eery! Love it!