Saturday, June 24, 2017

Heat Wave

It has been a hot week for the first week of Summer 2017. I am done with the heat already. Ready for Fall temperatures. Although I enjoy the Summer, I don't care for the hot, dry, windy days. All my plants are in lock down trying to survive. It never fails to happen when the orange daylilies are just about to open. We get a 110 degree day. Then bam, they melt down and turn brown. It doesn't matter how much water I give them. They can not take the extreme heat and wind. I enjoy them so much though, so I would never remove them. There is always next year. Right?
I have enough blooming to keep me going for now. I am thinking I will plant more Asian lilies next year though. They don't mind the heat at all. They are beautiful! I love them so much!
So let's see what is still alive shall we?
Gardenias are blooming, though they have been hit by the heat. Some brown leaves and burned flowers. They still smell amazing. Nothing says Summer like a Gardenia.

Of course the cannas. Can't live without them.

The Oak Leaf Hydrangea

The beautiful Tiger Lilies

More lily buds. Can't wait to see which one this is.

The lotus is going to open. I am excited to see it.

Moon Flower


Butterfly bush
The ghost chilies are growing along just fine. They don't mind the heat at all.

And this beautiful flower? What is it? Well it is a blooming piece of glass. We have three. They are so pretty and look like a flame shooting up. They are in the creature garden and that fits them well. You might see the dragon in the background. They are also a reminder of the hot days ahead of this Summer. Ugh! 

No word from flooring company. Another huge UGH! I hope they are coming Monday. I am so tired of the huge mess and lack of sleep. The airbed is not the way to go when you are old.

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ferne said...

That was the week I was off for vacation. So glad to have been home for that, but the roses at the nursery are so fried! I asked for them to turn up the water time for them before I left and it didn't happen not sure if it would have mattered with the hot blow torch wind. Sherry says the cannas look the same and so do the lotus. She was standing them up and watering them, but the hot wind was too much for their leaves. Now we are cleaning up as good as we can and enjoying these cooler days knowing that another heat wave will hit before summer is over.