Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy June

Is it already June? Where did May go? Seriously, we are almost at the half year point.
I guess because we are so busy, time is flying by.
I didn't say fun did I?  O.K. we have fun too, but mostly we are just busy.
The garden is growing so fast. Yesterday we had a little rain and that helped a lot.
More clouds this morning, but not sure if going to rain or not.
I will take any coolness I can get. I know this month will heat up quickly.
On to the flowers you came to see.
First up, the first water lily of the season.
 Old daylily
Verbena Borealis
That's it for today. I will have to take more pictures. There is a lot blooming, but I haven't had time.
Have a great first day of June!

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