Friday, June 16, 2017

Flooring Fiasco

Ah new flooring under your feet, the nicest feeling. But wait...what is this?

Oh that little hick up in the road? Oh not to worry, the carpet will arrive in 10 days. Meanwhile you just enjoy walking on that padding with your bare feet. Whoops, sorry about those carpet nails. Dang!
Sorry we didn't order the right amount of carpet for your room. Not to worry, we are on that like ants on a pile of sugar. Like I said 10 days is not that long. Then you will enjoy that nice plush wonderful stuff they call carpet. Did I mention it will be installed in 10 days? Yup I did. That means 10 days of sleeping on an airbed. No dresser for my clothes and everything a total mess. Ugh! Oh but at least the bathroom flooring is done? Oh well that is another story. It is done. It was just another fiasco with replacing toilets, which required the trip of a plumber. As the Princess says, It's O.K. Nama. And, yes it was. It just took a little one nighter with no potty and having to make a trip to my brothers house to use his.  But all is well in that department now. The floor is fabulous and I do love it and I love having brand new shiny thrones too!
But I miss my own bed and my stuff. I hate living out of a box. I am not a good camper as you can see. I like order. Like my husband says, I am a schedule freak. When things are suppose to happen then they better darn well happen.(-: It's O.K. It will happen in 10 days right?
Or will it? Stay tuned...
The other thing I encountered this week was while cleaning my Mom's dresser mirror.
It was just a little fun surprise.
Can you read what it says?
I see booooooo with a g which was the first initial of my Mom's name. Didn't scare me Mom! Ha!
She was being funny. It was actually inside the mirror. No way to remove. I was looking at the mirror upside down and backwards if it had been hung on dresser right. I have a lot of ghostly adventures. I guess because I am a believer.
Oh and one more thing before I go...My Mom's house sold! In 4 days!! It was a cash offer. We are so happy to be done with the whole thing. Escrow closes on July 6th if all goes well.
We hardly had time to see the for sale sign up. We knew it would go fast because of where it is located. We never thought it would sell in 4 days though. We hadn't finished cleaning it out. So we had to hurry with all that. It has been a busy week. I may require a padded cell when it is all over.
O.K. this post is done! Wheww that was a lot of writing!
One last picture? Well o.k.
The Princess thought the empty room was hers to enjoy!(-:
Hope you have a great weekend!



CanadianGardenJoy said...

My goodness Cindee girl you have been up to so much since I was last here !
I feel for you with the lacking carpet and chaos of your bed room .. we have gone through that and the toilet changes with renovations .. it drives you batty but when it is done and over with you think back and you are so grateful for it to all be done ... it will get BETTER !
I am so happy for you with the quick sale of your mom's home ... that was a stress for sure, but wow on the fast wrap up of that !
Your life will get back to normal and better than that with all the renovations ... it is all going to be beautiful !
Hang in there girl ... thanks for stopping by my place .. and as for how peony is pronounced? any way you want it !! LOL
Take care
Joy : )

ferne said...

Hope your floor is done by now. Mine has been in now for a week and I love it, but my that was like moving with clearing out a room and then having to move it all back. Our house was in such disarray. We still don't have a dining room table...well, we actually have 2 on the deck, but haven't put either in because they are not what we want for is too big and the other too small so the search is on for one that is just right! I have been making jam though and back to work so shopping isn't happening. We decided not to replace our carpet for a while after all that with the torn up kitchen/dining/laundry room. Now the garden calls!