Friday, June 30, 2017

Beautiful Casa Blanca Lilies

I love when these are blooming they so beautiful. They smell so good too. I wish they could bloom all summer.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Carpet Is In

Love it so much. To bad it was a fiasco to get, but worth all the anxiety and time it took.
I have almost got the room back together. I will have more time to work on this weekend.
It is a sage green. So pretty. Love the pattern so much. It goes so well with the antique furniture.
I had another ghostly experience.

On the Anniversary of my Mom's passing is the day the carpet was laid. I was able to move things back in that night and put stuff away. One thing was an old clock that I have had since I was a kid. It is a small wind up clock that sat on my dresser. It has not worked in 20 years. Well it started working that evening and ran until the next night. I wound it up and it ticked for an hour or so and then stopped. It won't run anymore. So I am chalking that one up to my Mom. I wish it would keep running though. I really do like that clock.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Heat Wave

It has been a hot week for the first week of Summer 2017. I am done with the heat already. Ready for Fall temperatures. Although I enjoy the Summer, I don't care for the hot, dry, windy days. All my plants are in lock down trying to survive. It never fails to happen when the orange daylilies are just about to open. We get a 110 degree day. Then bam, they melt down and turn brown. It doesn't matter how much water I give them. They can not take the extreme heat and wind. I enjoy them so much though, so I would never remove them. There is always next year. Right?
I have enough blooming to keep me going for now. I am thinking I will plant more Asian lilies next year though. They don't mind the heat at all. They are beautiful! I love them so much!
So let's see what is still alive shall we?
Gardenias are blooming, though they have been hit by the heat. Some brown leaves and burned flowers. They still smell amazing. Nothing says Summer like a Gardenia.

Of course the cannas. Can't live without them.

The Oak Leaf Hydrangea

The beautiful Tiger Lilies

More lily buds. Can't wait to see which one this is.

The lotus is going to open. I am excited to see it.

Moon Flower


Butterfly bush
The ghost chilies are growing along just fine. They don't mind the heat at all.

And this beautiful flower? What is it? Well it is a blooming piece of glass. We have three. They are so pretty and look like a flame shooting up. They are in the creature garden and that fits them well. You might see the dragon in the background. They are also a reminder of the hot days ahead of this Summer. Ugh! 

No word from flooring company. Another huge UGH! I hope they are coming Monday. I am so tired of the huge mess and lack of sleep. The airbed is not the way to go when you are old.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Flooring Fiasco

Ah new flooring under your feet, the nicest feeling. But wait...what is this?

Oh that little hick up in the road? Oh not to worry, the carpet will arrive in 10 days. Meanwhile you just enjoy walking on that padding with your bare feet. Whoops, sorry about those carpet nails. Dang!
Sorry we didn't order the right amount of carpet for your room. Not to worry, we are on that like ants on a pile of sugar. Like I said 10 days is not that long. Then you will enjoy that nice plush wonderful stuff they call carpet. Did I mention it will be installed in 10 days? Yup I did. That means 10 days of sleeping on an airbed. No dresser for my clothes and everything a total mess. Ugh! Oh but at least the bathroom flooring is done? Oh well that is another story. It is done. It was just another fiasco with replacing toilets, which required the trip of a plumber. As the Princess says, It's O.K. Nama. And, yes it was. It just took a little one nighter with no potty and having to make a trip to my brothers house to use his.  But all is well in that department now. The floor is fabulous and I do love it and I love having brand new shiny thrones too!
But I miss my own bed and my stuff. I hate living out of a box. I am not a good camper as you can see. I like order. Like my husband says, I am a schedule freak. When things are suppose to happen then they better darn well happen.(-: It's O.K. It will happen in 10 days right?
Or will it? Stay tuned...
The other thing I encountered this week was while cleaning my Mom's dresser mirror.
It was just a little fun surprise.
Can you read what it says?
I see booooooo with a g which was the first initial of my Mom's name. Didn't scare me Mom! Ha!
She was being funny. It was actually inside the mirror. No way to remove. I was looking at the mirror upside down and backwards if it had been hung on dresser right. I have a lot of ghostly adventures. I guess because I am a believer.
Oh and one more thing before I go...My Mom's house sold! In 4 days!! It was a cash offer. We are so happy to be done with the whole thing. Escrow closes on July 6th if all goes well.
We hardly had time to see the for sale sign up. We knew it would go fast because of where it is located. We never thought it would sell in 4 days though. We hadn't finished cleaning it out. So we had to hurry with all that. It has been a busy week. I may require a padded cell when it is all over.
O.K. this post is done! Wheww that was a lot of writing!
One last picture? Well o.k.
The Princess thought the empty room was hers to enjoy!(-:
Hope you have a great weekend!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Weirdest Thing

I was painting and hanging a wallpaper border over the weekend. I had about two inches that had not been cut off yet and was sticking out from the wall. I was touching up paint and when I looked down this face appeared. Seriously I did not paint this. I couldn't even begin to paint it. It just appeared. So my question is what to think?

It doesn't scare me, but everyone who I have showed it to is freaked out. She looks unhappy to me but at the same time looks like she is wearing a veil? Like a wedding veil maybe? I guess you have to use your imagination. I have acquired some antiques from my Mom and my first thought is someone is lingering about the house. (-: I guess you have to believe in spirits. Which I do. Anyhow had to share. Feel free to post comments(-:

Love The Flowers

It has been an Awesome Spring! I continue to stare in awe at the beauty.
Lovely Sea Lavender
This beautiful daylily is blooming in the shoe garden. I have meant to move it, but it is still there.
I love these.
Pink so pretty!
Did I mention I love these? They are still going strong.
Another hydrangea
Peace Bomb planter.
The Asian lilies are still going strong.
Lavender daylily
I love these!
Sea Holly!
Deer Fern

Monday, June 5, 2017

Enjoying The Garden

Blooms and Butterflies galore! Geez you can't walk around outside without a bunch of butterflies fluttering around by you. (-: There are several white butterflies that are camera shy. I keep trying to get a picture of them, but they just zoom on by.

My funny beach buddy. His hat fell down like that and has stayed through the wind/rain etc. I think he is trying to shade his face. (-:
The Princess is enjoying the water in the kiddie pool!

Friday, June 2, 2017