Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ho Hum

It is raining out, so today will be mostly an inside day.
I am glad it is raining, but it makes it hard when you have a three year old that needs to go outside and run and play. Yes we do have an umbrella. I plan to use it.
I am worried about the next adventure in the Princess' life.
Her parents are going on a cruise and taking her with them.
Someone reassure me that she will be safe and happy.
I am old I know, but I just don't feel like this is the best thing for a three year old.
And yes I have offered to keep her for the week many times. I kept her last year for the week when they went. We had fun. Maybe to much and that is why they are insisting she tag along with them this time.)-: I will miss her so much. Ugh! The life of a Grandma.
I know we will survive. It will just be a really long week and I will need something to keep me busy.
If it doesn't rain I can be outside all week. There are a lot of things to do in the garden.
O.K. enough complaining...Until next time...
I will leave you with a picture of this week loaf of sourdough.
It feels like I do.

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