Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It Is Looking Like Spring Here

That is in-between rain and hail and a few snow drops.
Ha! I am ready to get outside and play!

These Bald Eagles keep dropping in to check on me. I have seen them several days in a row here. We have huge digger pines around our yard which they love, as all birds and what-not do.

One is younger and one is older.
Also in another digger pine tree is the nesting Great Horned Owls. Soon they will hatch.
I think about mid month. This year we have a drone that will be able to peek in on them as they grow. I am sure Mom will love that. We won't do that until they are older of course. It will be fun to see a video though. They don't mind us at all. They come back every year even though we are noisy neighbors. I think they like us as much as we like them.
Also today was another bread day. Still working on the outside. The taste is awesome.

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