Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Todays Sourdough Bake

Finally after a year I got one I like. I think I finally have it figured out. I was told after last bake to oil the Lame. I have been dipping in water. Ugh! So I oiled it. Ta Da...
Ignore the second loaf. I had a fight with it and it won.
It was to wet. I tried to form it and kept adding flour. It wouldn't rise after that.
So chicken food it is. But, that front loaf is something to be proud of.
I am.(-: 
So oiling Lame is a must. I also decided that letting it rise some before putting in fridge overnight is a better idea too. So I learned two things this bake. Baking is always a learning experience.
I wish my Dad was here to see it. He loved sourdough bread so much.
He would be proud too I know he would.


ferne said...

Cindee I think that we think a lot alike. I had a starter that I was using for a few years then it went bad so I tossed it and recently I have had the urge to start another one. I never thought about oiling the lame, it looks like it worked out great and now I am really inspired to get another starter going. I had so much fun with my last one, but lots of pounds were getting put on between the 2 of us eating the tasty goods. Did you purchase a starter or start one of your own? Mine was a San Fransisco starter, but I am thinking of starting my own after doing lots of fermenting recently I think I should be able to do this easily enough.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I am so happy you are happy with your bread now and it looks like a beauty too ! Even the bad one looks good to me but I don't bake bread so I think almost every one looks good ? LOL
It is too bad you couldn't find those tips before now, but now you are on the right road and it looks amazing .. wish I could taste it too !
Hey .. I have a feeling your Dad knows how happy you are with the bread and is very proud of you girl.. so hug that feeling !
Take care
Joy : )