Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Do we know the answer to that question even?
It is only the 4th of January. In Six months it will be July 4th! Isn't that hard to believe?
The time just flies by so fast it is hard to keep up. One day it is Monday the next it is Sunday. Here it is already the 4th of January. I have received several seed catalogs in the mail already and I am dreaming of Spring. Not to wish away more time, but wishing I could get outside and work.
It has been raining here and cold. I take Jack out for several walks a day and also when the Princess is here we walk in the rain too, but it is not the same as a nice sunny Spring day!
So I am dreaming of warm sunshine on my face.
Enjoy your day!
Happy 2017!
My Winter scene Scentsy.

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