Sunday, August 20, 2017

Surrounding Yourself With Things You Love

I have been reading a lot lately on downsizing, but really why not surround yourself in things you love? Why get rid of everything and stare at four bare walls? Sure it makes it easier to move, but why not enjoy what you love? Live in the moment.  Don't worry about a possible move down the road when you are going into a rest home and your kids have to have a garage sale.
I see so many people blogging about getting rid of everything because they are old.
Worried about their kids having to sort through everything. Well I have had to do that twice now in the last four years for my parents.  I still wouldn't change a thing. I love my things. I enjoy seeing my rooms decorated and happy. It makes me smile when I walk into one of them.
Seeing four empty walls would make me sad. Just because someone might have to sort through it all and get rid of it someday.
The same thing goes for my garden. I love my plants and flowers. I love the trees that grow and shade my home.  Sure the leaves are a pain in the butt when it comes to Fall, but the immense joy they bring the rest of the year is priceless.
If you are thinking you need to down size because someone else says you should re think that.
Make yourself happy. Don't worry about what other people think.
Live in the moment that makes you smile. Enjoy your garden. Enjoy your home.
Life on earth is so short. Don't live it the way someone else says you should.
Decorate the way that makes you happy. Because after all you are the one living in your home not those folks on HGTV etc.
So that being said I bought a new antique table. I have no idea what it was used for in it's previous life, but I love it. It works perfectly in my bedroom next to my bed.  It was from France.
The body is metal with marble a top and bottom. I love the green marble. So perfect for my room. Goes nicely with my Mom's antique furniture.  Which brings me to another rant. I have read a lot about antiques being a thing of the past. In more ways then one obviously.
I love antiques. So there you go. Not everyone is throwing out their parents stuff and running off to IKEA to shop.  Obviously some are no doubt, but not everyone. So follow your heart when it comes to those family heirlooms. If it is something you can use and enjoy, hold on to it and enjoy it.  Don't let a guy/gal on t.v. etc. tell you that antiques are out.  They can be re purposed into something you can love and enjoy.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

As Summer Winds Down

Not much is blooming except these beauties.

There are red ones blooming in the boat, but up to high to get a good picture. These hardy hibiscus are so pretty and they bloom so well in the heat of the summer. This one is Disco Bell. I have probably had this one for 15 years. It never fails. It comes back late in the season when I am about to give up hope on it. Then it just grows like crazy and starts blooming. Hibiscus do require a lot of water. This one is planted in the ground, but does get watered well. The rest of my hibiscus are in tubs of water. These are not the Hawaiian type of hibiscus. They will freeze to the ground and come back in Spring when the temperature is right.
Summer is fading fast. The mornings are so dark now when I wake up. I feel like I should be sleeping longer. I am looking forward to Fall and cooler weather. This has been a crazy Summer and I am looking forward to it being over.  Although I will miss it and all the pretty blooms. I am looking forward to having some potted mums on the porch.(-:
Anyone watching America's Got Talent?
I was bummed when Puddles got the boot.
I really liked him for some reason.
The clown suit was kinda creepy, but it fit his show.
When I looked online I found out he has been performing for years.
So that made me happier. He seems to have a pretty good following.
I would definitely go see him if he came to town. He has a great voice.
Click on the link below to see his last performance on America's Got Talent.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ordering Online

Does anyone have problems when ordering online? Like getting something that is not as described? I mean like it is complete junk and you were charged an arm and a leg?
Then you contact the seller and request your money back and they say oh you can't do that! What? Well the fine print says all sales final.
Well I never listen to them. I go to Pay Pal and complain. Money back guaranteed.
My recent purchase was t shirts for the Eclipse, of Snoopy and Charlie Brown. They were so cute online. You might have seen them on Facebook.
Well here is a bit of advice:
Never assume anything.(-:
I got the two t shirts I ordered. They were almost 30.00 a piece with shipping. They were junk. The graphic was faded and did not have the colors like the above advertised shirt did. It was all cracked the ink did not cover the whole design. It was flat and not detailed like the above shirt. The shirt was a dark grey not black like I ordered. The white was actually grey in the picture not white. It was hard to get a good picture of the t shirts. The camera was not cooperating. Not to mention they had a terrible smell. Like something died in the bag they came in.
If the shirts were 5 bucks at Wal-Mart then they would be worth it, but not for custom made, 30 bucks each.
I asked my niece who works for a silk screening company and she said they were not printed correctly. They were printed in a printer not silk screened. That makes a huge difference in the quality of the t shirt design. Also sometimes the pre print treatment they put on the shirt will smell but it should go away after a bit. It should not stay on the shirt like mine did. She said something was also wrong with the ink in their printer and that is why it printed the way it did. She said I should ask for my money back.
So I did. Now I am sending the shirts back so I can get a refund from Pay Pal.
I will never buy t shirts online again unless they are guaranteed to refund money if not happy.
Those Facebook t shirt ads look great and it is hard not to order at times, but I will not order again. After I started reading comments under the t shirt I had ordered there were a lot of unhappy customers. So it wasn't just me.
So now I have no Eclipse t shirt to wear for the event. LOL Oh well next time maybe.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Fabio is doing well. Thought I would share an update of him. He seems to like the ranch life. Hard to believe someone just threw him out on the side of the road.

Friday, August 11, 2017

What Is Still Going Strong

With the heat things die or just go into lock down mode to survive.
Here are some things still going strong through the heat.
Of course succulents seem to survive in anything.

Also some nice green ferns are hanging in there.

My turtle I got from my Mom is still thriving with his mossy back.

And last but not least is a Clematis I dug up at my Mom's house. So glad it seems to be making it here. It is a very old Jackmanii

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fall Is Just Around The Corner

I have noticed this week that the days are getting short fast. I wake up before 5am and it is usually light out. Not so this week. By the end of the day the sun is setting earlier. The mornings feel crisper. There are leaves on the ground all around. Which could be from the last heat wave, but 
they have been falling down all week. The grass is covered.
I enjoy this time of year. I look forward to the cooler temperatures.
I also look forward to planting fall plants and bulbs.
The seasonal sales.
Like the current one going on at our local nursery.
My husband got this really cool tortoise for me.
He also got two deer. A buck and a doe and I will get a picture of them next time.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Well not much is left after last weeks heat, but what is is real nice.
First we have a Canna
Naked Ladies

I am also happy that at least two of my hollyhock transplants from my Mom's house survived the move. Maybe the others will too, but they lost their leaves for now. I am happy at least these two made it.

Last but not least a cute rabbit I got from my Mom's yard.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

It Rained

Yup you did read that right. Here in the place that it was 117 degrees last week, it rained.
So today was a good day. I read ahead for the following week and all the days will be good.
No more 117 degree days this week! Yahoo!
Maybe I will get something done outside.
Or maybe not. Who knows.
Maybe it will rain again.
The virus is gone finally. It took four days to feel better and back to normal.
Here is a nice cool picture of last Winter.
I can't wait to see the creek flowing like this once again.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Virus Got Me

Fever 103 achy sick feeling. I was in bed for 12 hours and then up and moving. Within the 24 hours I am back to normalish. What is normal? I do feel better. Just tired.
Can it be Friday now?
Heat wave continues with high temperatures here.
Today's high was 110 degrees.
These weeds actually like the heat.  Not much else likes it though.
A lot of trees are dropping leaves so the whole yard looks a mess.
Can't worry. Next week will be better.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy First Day Of August

As they say, Time flies when you are having fun! So I guess that must mean I am having fun right?
This year is flying by fast.
Some people say it happens when you get old. That could be it.
I remember when I was a teenager dreading the end of Summer and having to go back to school.
Although then it seemed like Summer went on forever.
I was busy then too. I guess the worries of life were not on my mind.
So it must have something to do with getting old.
I do wish the weather would cool down.
Today's high is going to be brutal.
I am hoping because of the smoke from fires around the state, it won't get as hot as they say.
Just for fun I am going to think of things to come in the cooler months ahead.
I hope you are staying cool!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Stomach Virus

It has made it's way around the family. My Son and I are not included in this adventure yet. Last week my Son in Law got sick. I'm talking the major stomach upset full on volcano explosion.
The Princess got sick Friday. Daughter on Saturday. I spend the night with them on Saturday night because my daughter was so sick and couldn't watch the Princess. Hubby was out of town. Princess was feeling better by then. I figured I would be next. So far so good. (-: All those years working at school with sick kids may have paid off? Fingers crossed.
At the time my daughter called, my husband was also sick. SO whatever it is, is nasty. It comes and goes. One minute you are feeling good the next you are running for the bathroom. It doesn't help when it is 500 degrees outside either.
So when will this virus leave? No one knows. Just hopefully before it involves me(-:
Lucky think I stocked up on 7up. (-: Ugh I hate getting sick.
Anyhow, today we have a lot of hibiscus blooming and a sunflower. I ran outside and took a few pictures before I evaporated into dust.
Tomorrows high 115? Seriously? Why? LOL Can it be Fall now?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Shaving Cream Adventure

For about a buck you can entertain a 3.5 year old for over an hour. LOL
I saw a few people had tried this and thought it would be something the Princess would enjoy. Well I was right. She had a blast. It was a lot of laughs for both of us. I recommend you try it with your kids. It really was a cheap thing to do and it rates high on the list for fun!
Playing in the mud always rates the highest, but at least with shaving cream they smell nice and clean afterwards. (-:



Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lighted Butterfly

I got the cutest light up butterfly yesterday. It is new made to look old. It supposedly had a timer and all that. Well when I got it, there was just an on and off switch. No timer setting. I wrote to the person I got it from and instead of returning item they said I could keep it and would just take money off the selling price. So since I love the butterfly I said yes. Well, to my surprise after the butterfly was lit for 6 hours it did turn off! Should I feel bad? I am going to wait until the time of day comes that the butterfly is suppose to turn on again and see. Then I will decide.(-: Made in China of course so not like it is worth that much to start with. It just makes me mad when I order something and it is not what it says it is. Here is a picture of the on/off switch
The instructions say turn to timer setting if you want the butterfly to be on for 6 hours and shut off. It is suppose to automatically turn on again in 18 hours. Well I looked for the on/off switch and there was no timer setting. That is why I wrote to the seller. I have several candles that do have timers and they do have a setting for that or instructions on how to push a button to set. Anyhow, it is cute and I know the Princess will enjoy seeing it lit up.

It is not for outside though. It has a cardboard backing that is removable so you can replace lights I guess. Which is fine, because I plan to use inside.
This picture is from the sellers listing. I didn't take a picture of it here. I think it looks better in person.