Friday, December 16, 2016

Santa's On His Way

I think his sleigh will arrive next Friday with my gift.
I ordered the fountain.
Can't wait to see how it looks. If it looks as good as everyone says it does or not.
Feeling Ho Hum this season since my parents are both gone. It is a difficult time for me. I do have the Princess though, and she keeps me on my toes. It has been fun having her here this year for sure. She is much more into the whole thing. She still does not want to go see Santa though. )-:
Hopefully she changes her mind. I really want her to go. It is a tradition. Oh well if not there is always next year right?
Tomorrow we are getting a new couch and chair. I am wondering how it will fit through the door. It could be quite the operation. We have been waiting for it to arrive for months now. Had to order it from Lazy Boy. I shopped and shopped and didn't find anything else I liked better. That was a fiasco in itself. We were able to see the chair in the store but the couch was only viewable online. The store gave us the run around, because they said we could not order it. Finally they found someone who worked there that said we could order it. I swear the people they hire now days! Ugh! No one wants to work it seems. They just want a paycheck. Anything extra required and they just say they can't do it.
So we have not seen the couch in person only the chair. We ordered both so they would match. Can't wait to see them!
This couch is leather and so is the chair. It will be much easier to care for. Our old couch/chair was over twenty years old. Still in great shape, but it was time for a change. Kinda sad to see it go, but it is going to a new home, so it will be used by someone else. Like I say it is in great shape. The chair was never sat in except when company came over. The couch is so big and it also is a sleeper. Never used that. So it will be good for someone else. I like recycling.(-:
I hope you enjoy your weekend. We have a full weekend planned.  Tonight is a sleepover with the Princess. Then tomorrow a couch/chair delivery followed up with a trip to see Dancing With The Stars Live on Sunday!  It will be a very busy next couple of days!

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