Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Garden Visitor

I usually see squirrels, raccoons, skunks and turkeys in the garden but this morning I saw this.
I was so happy because it has been a while since a deer has stopped by to visit.
There are a lot of apples still on the ground, so hopefully he will come back again and clean those up.
I don't mind them coming later in the year, but of course they can really clean house at other times.
They are still fun to watch.
However, I have seen them strip a rose bush in just a couple minutes.
Oh well I love deer anyhow. That is why I plant so many plants in my garden.
Some for me and some to share with the wild animals that drop by.
Jack has been barking at night lately and since he never barks at the other critters, my guess is this buck has been visiting more often at night. Or perhaps his friends.
The cows have arrived too so now it is a job to make sure the gates are closed so they don't get in. I like cows but I really don't like them in the yard.
You can imagine why. Deer are agile and can jump over things without knocking them down. Cows on the other hand just plow through. Add 30 cows to that and you can see why I don't want them in the yard. So closing gates is a must.
It is a Winter time routine.

Enjoy your weekend!

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ferne said...

Yep! I accidentally left the gate open the other night because it was dark and raining when I got home at 5:30 (crazy, huh?). Then about 2 in the morning I thought I heard walking on the rocks and was pretty sure it was deer. Couldn't sleep because I was sure my lettuce and broccoli would be gone when I woke up...somehow all is well though and now I don't forget to close the gate!