Monday, September 5, 2016

What's New

So this happened the other day. I went outside and saw something on the wasp trap. Closer look and yup that is a BAT! Sad it got caught in that. I thought I would share for future useage of these little traps, which by the way are amazing and I give them 10 stars. We no longer have those wasps flying into our heads when we walk outside.
And this poor female pit bull dog was dumped at our house. She had some scrapes and was bleeding under her tummy. It looked like she could have had a run in with a wild animal or something.  I am hesitant with pit bull dogs, so have kept it in the dog pen area. I tried calling animal control, but of course they won't come out on holiday weekend. So she has to hang out with us for another night. She seems nice enough, I really don't trust her, to keep her, since I have a toddler around a lot. Hopefully, she will find a forever home.

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