Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I understand tile work is a lot of work, but when you show up at 1PM and work a couple hours one day then show up at 8AM and work till 1PM... Well lets just say....What the hell happened to an 8 hour work day? The younger generation knows nothing.  My Dad use to get to a job before the sun rose and worked until the sun set.  Oh well I guess it will get done when it gets done. Meanwhile we will eat fast food. 

Like I said we have a little house. 1400 square feet total.
The color is green incase it looks grey on your screen. Kinda a sage color. Love it so much and I can't wait to have it all done(-:

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hang in there Cindee girl ... renovations always take FOREVER !! and then some !
I know what you mean about a full work day ... never quite seems to happen any more .. or they are splitting work between multiple jobs .. not great to contend with either ..
All we know is we want the job finished and get back to a normal routine damn it !! haha
Take care
PS ... nice choice of color girl !