Monday, August 22, 2016

Nothing New

Day's fly by. Weeks turn into months. That is about all I can say of the death process.
Still weeding through stuff. A lot of stuff. Amazing amounts of stuff. Three loads to the dump so far. More to go. A lot I want to keep too. Over whelming memories and thoughts. Like I say it is a process.
This is a picture of my Mom's Mom. I never my Mom's parents. They died before I was born.
 This is my Grandmother and my Mom when she was a baby.

My Grandmother was 48 when my Mom was born.
Such difficult times back then.

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ferne said...

That really makes one think about the stuff I have. I am always wanting to go through and narrow the "stuff" down to just what I need so no one has to go through all that for me, but I'm sure you are finding treasures. I always think of what my kids would do with my fabric stash...trash probably, but to me it is my treasure. If you think about it this is all part of the process of sorting out your feelings and discovering those little things about her you didn't know and maybe rediscovering the things you did know. Take care!