Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mid Week Thoughts

While I was busy pruning hedges yesterday I these words popped into my head. It sums up my Mom.
A wise woman once told me working in the garden would solve all my problems. It does help that is for sure. I got a lot done yesterday.
This is the wise woman's Daylily. These are so pretty and hardy. I dug a start of these 30 some years ago and they have spread out in my garden. They bloom every June and remind me of my Great Aunt. We use to have a lot of fun chatting about the garden. She was like a plant encyclopedia. I could always call her up and ask her what I should do about whatever it was. 

I repainted this gnome and mushrooms to add to this new planter I bought recently for the butterfly/gnome garden. I tried several colors for his hat but decided on the gold. I think it makes him look so charming.  It took me a couple days to do this and in the end I gave up and bought some daubers at Michaels to do the dots. They worked perfect.
It is suppose to heat up here today. It was so nice last week it is hard to get use to the warmer weather.
Enjoy your day!

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