Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Mom

Supposedly the procedure did not work. Although I have read online it could take two weeks. So maybe they should wait a little longer before deciding. At the least, she is in worse shape. They don't expect her to make it, each day goes by and she is still here. Quite amazing that someone could survive as long as she has.
I reminds me of that old story she use to tell my brother and I.
She had to walk up hill to school. The wind was blowing and it was -30 degrees. The snow was piled high. There was no polar fleece or Gor Tex  to wear. She wore a dress with shoes/socks and a coat. Yup it is a true story. She was born and raised in Canada. I am pretty sure that is why she is so tough. She had a pretty rough childhood amongst other things. I think she was lucky to survive it all.
It is sad watching her suffer and wither away. I guess that is her price to pay to get out of this life and on to the next. She says she is not in pain, although I do wonder. How can she not be? While people are dropping like flies around her at the place she is at, she continues to survive. Amazing.

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl you never mentioned your mother is Canadian .. what province was she born in .. city/town ?
Yes .. I have to say I also trudged through snow drifts up to my waste where we lived on the very shore of the east coast . but we didn't think it unusual ... I don't think any kids of today could do what we did even in a normal day .. I have wonderful memories as a kid playing in the woods, seashore .. rivers .. I am grateful for that.
I hope your mom peacefully slips away ... she needs the release and so do you ... I hope you are taking care of yourself!