Sunday, June 12, 2016

As The Days Tick Away

It is hard to believe over a week has gone by and my Mom is still in this world. She continues to hang on. Each day I go see her and each day she is the same. I wonder what it is that makes a person cling to life when they are clearly dying. It is something that is a mystery to me. Knowing you are dying yet holding on for what? Obviously if she were to recover from her C-Diff infection she would not have any quality of life. Bedridden and almost 85 years old is not a way to live. It is hard to understand. I guess some people are o.k. with being bedridden and incapacitated. I am not one of those people. If I am unable to care for myself I wish to leave this world behind and fly with the butterflies.
Since it is Fathers Day I would like to wish all Fathers a happy day! I sure wish My Dad was here to wish him one in person.

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