Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Unsure Times

I saw this online. Going to make one for my daughter for Mothers Day from the Princess(-:
Progress is kinda at a stand still for my Mom. Maybe even declining. She seems to have a ton of health issues. The latest is her hands/arms are numb. Useless.
So that's where we are at now.
She has kidney failure which we figured was probably the case. We just hope she can get well enough to go home. She did not want to die in a nursing home. So that's the plan. Trying to get her strong enough to go home. Not sure it will happen, but that is the goal.
Between visits to see her and babysitting I am pretty busy. I am trying to keep caught up on the outside chores. I start something then I have to do something else, so it is difficult to keep it all done.
It will be o.k. I will be o.k. too. Life will go on and someday I will be the one laying in a bed dying. Until then I have to do whatever I can to enjoy the rest of my life(-: You should too! Life is to short to waste a single moment! Go outside and dig in the dirt!

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