Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another Week Gone By

I would say another day another dollar, but that would not be the case for this week. More like where is the beer?
Started out on Tuesday, the nursing home called. My Mom had fallen out of bed. They called for an x-ray to see if anything was broken. Nothing was, so back to bed she went. I went to see her on Wednesday. She seemed pretty down. Today the nursing home called. She had cut her arm on a wheelchair. They taped it up and put some sleeves on her so she wouldn't have that problem again. The nurse and I chatted for a bit. She agreed my Mom seems very depressed. There is medication for that problem so they will check into getting her some. We both agree that she is giving up the fight. I would have gave up long ago. No one knows why she is still on this planet.
To me it seems worthless in her condition. Oh well I guess if she gets some meds she might feel better. We will see how that plays out.
Happiness is having the day to spend with the Princess. So today was good for me.
She hates her picture taken or at least when I take it. I even tried to bribe her, but she said nope. She has a sense of humor way beyond a two and a half year old that's all I can say. She is my shining star. I love her beyond words. She loves being outside as much as I do. She likes all the pathways and I tell her I made them just for her. (-:



ferne said...

Sorry for your Mom, but so glad you have the Princess to bring balance into your life. I'm sure you add a lot to her life also! I get to have my grandson in a few weeks for a week. He is 5 already and he adds that same balance to my life. I wish I could see him more often, but will enjoy the time I do have with him.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Oh my gosh Cindee girl I am so sorry about your mom and her problems .. but I also understand your problems with her .. we share that sort of history.
The Little Princess has gotten so grown up looking ! I didn't recognize her !!
I am so glad you have her by your side and she enjoys your garden as much as you do .. I know if I were a child I would be enthralled by it all .. you have done such amazing artistic work with it all .. I would never leave ! LOL
I hope you feel better about things soon .. hang in there girl !
Take care
Joy : )