Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pathway Finished

Well it was another project that was more work then I thought, but it turned out the way I wanted. So all is good(-:
Don't look to the right of picture that is where the cows hang out. They could possibly stick their heads through the barbed wire fence and eat the stuff in the planters if they tried. I am hoping they don't. One more month and they will be moving out. They keep getting in the yard when the gate is left open. )-: They could be no where in sight and bam... they are in the yard the next minute. Usually they go down the driveway and around the back, but every now and then they take a trip through the yard.  1500+ pounds of beast is not what I want trampling through the garden.  Yesterday the whole heard was in the yard. Calves and all. Even the Bull. I was glad they chose to go around the back and not through the yard. Sometimes they are nice that way. The grass is always greener or whatever I guess.
Anyhow here is the pathway
Here is a look from the other end.
Can't wait till all the plants fill in the planters.

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

These paths are PEFECT ! I love the sound of gravel when you walk on it ... there is a lot of this in Europe and I always thought I would do this too .. until the flagstone diverted ? me
It will be awesome when the plants fill out : )