Monday, April 4, 2016

Garden Seating

Can you have to much seating around the garden?
Do you always long for more places to park your body and admire your hard work?
How much is to much?
I cant tell.
I always desire to have more little spots to sit.
I found this adorable set online and I am loving it so much.
Of course the butterfly garden has several seats to sit on, but I am adding to that area.
I feel like another little area would be a special place to sit and reflect.
I may be getting old you think? Yup that could be it.
After a long day of working in the garden, I am always looking for a place to rest my tired bones.
Yesterday was one such day. 3 yards of bark and much digging. A new pathway, more rocks. Ah, I needed a cold drink and a place to rest.
Here is what I found.
Or this...

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