Sunday, April 24, 2016

Doctors Care?

Well My Mom is at the rehab place once again. This time from dehydration and weakness due to end stage Alzheimer's. You may recall I took her to her regular doctor in February because she was doing bad. He then told me she had end stage Alzheimer's. We did not know. She chose not to tell us for some reason.
Anyhow, at that visit, Doc said that's the way it goes. At some point she will need to go into a facility. I want to point out that he did not do any vitals at that appointment. So off we go back to her home. Yes she lives at her own home with a "friend". Her "friend" is a worthless POS, but I won't go into that now.
So....I got her to bed and left. Speed through two months and she is worse. I see her every week to take her to her hair appointment. Each time I ask her if she is o.k. etc. She always says she is fine. She doesn't look fine and I tell her she needs to eat and drink. I tell her "friend" that also. No go on that. So time goes by.
A week ago Saturday I was summoned to her house by her "friend" and found her to be incapacitated on the toilet. "Friend" could not get her up. I tried, she crumbled to the floor. 911 was called and off she went to the ER. MANY IV bags of fluids later, I will say more then 6...and several bags of least 5...She was sent off to rehab. For an idea how dehydrated she was, the nurses could not even get one drop of urine in a catheter.
Was her family doctor wrong for not sending her to the hospital when we were there two months ago? It was obvious to me she was dehydrated then. She had all the symptoms or a UTI but he did not check anything or order any tests.
I am not in charge of her. She chose to be in charge of herself through out this time. Even going as far as not telling the family she had Alzheimer's. Although, obviously she calls when she needs something. Her doctor only told me because I was concerned and the day we were at his office she was totally out of it. He did not tell me anything else though. Yay HIPA! He did say she was diagnosed in 2012.
Through all these years we knew she was not mentally well. She was an alcoholic all her life, so we chalked it up to that. Of course we never got a long. We have a long history. I do what I can because that is who I am. Not because I want to. She has treated me and my brother terribly for years, not just since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. It started when I was born. My brother and I could write a book and maybe someday we will. That is just a quick summary.
Anyhow, that is my update on that. We saw her yesterday. My brother came up. She is hanging in there. Still taking antibiotics and still laying in bed. She said she was having pain in her back. We don't know what that is from.  The nurse said maybe because she was laying in bed so much.  She lays in bed 24/7 at home too, so doubtful that is the reason.  It is all new to me with the Alzheimer's thing. I have read and heard stories but nothing compares to hands on experience. Wowzer.

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