Thursday, April 7, 2016

90 Degees?

Wowzer...What happened to Spring? It was 90 today. Tomorrow it is suppose to cool down and rain. So glad to hear that. Amazing what a little heat will do to get the plants growing. Everything is really going crazy.

This is an old percolator coffee maker that was my Grandmas. (-: So fun to use things that are no longer useful for what they were made for in a different way. I think this turned out pretty cool.

I am looking forward to the weekend to finish up my new pathway. All the rocks look good but filling in with gravel will be better. The cooler weather will help too(-:

I enjoy making pathways even if they really have no meaning. Just a random walking area that leads no where important. It also gives me more room to put junk in. I added an old pine stump and put a bird bath on top. the two closest trees are where you walk through. To the right is an old blue bucket planted with a heuchera.  I am still deciding what to plant in the old rusty metal barrel to the side of that. This gets a bit of sun, but not much. Mostly filtered afternoon and morning sun only.
So lots of fun for me this weekend. Hope you have a fun weekend too. I will update later when I finish with the gravel!


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