Thursday, March 24, 2016

Springing Along

Here is what's happening today.
Forgot the name of this Lily.

Paprika Heuchera

Hens and Chicks in an old coffee pot.

The moon gazing ball holder. It turned into a planter. I put the bunny there since it was the season and all. He might stay there for a while.

Another Paprika Heuchera and some Sempervivums

New Rock Face. I am going back to get the other one this weekend. It has both eyes open. I thought I already had that one but I did not.
And what photo session would be complete without a few Princess photos? She is wearing her Easter Bunny outfit early.(-:

Her favorite place happens to be in the boat.(-: We end up there each time we go outside. It is my favorite place too. (-:


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