Saturday, March 19, 2016

Remembering Quackers

Quackers was my beautiful white duck.
 She laid many eggs. I saved them all and have enjoyed using them over the years.
One day I found her dead. No idea what happened to her. I really miss her a lot. She was a very sweet bird. Anyhow, she lives on in my crafts and will always be remembered.
I made an Easter garland for my tree from her eggs.
I also made these place holders for this years Easter table. I ordered little saucers for the terra cotta pots. They are not here yet. They better hurry up!!! Anyhow, this is what they look like. There is also a yellow one hidden behind the pink one.  They were fun to make. I don't like the name tags that well, but I didn't have time to do anything else. I might change those later. I think a nicer paper would look better. I need to go look for something more Easter-y. The eggs slip off the top so I can redo if I want.

                         I have always loved rabbits. Peter Rabbit being my favorite of course.
Over the years I have made many rabbit dolls and created things to go with them. So it is no wonder I have fallen in love with rabbit dinnerware.
It just so happens to coincide with Easter. That could be a coincidence or not.
I decided this year I needed some Easter dishes for the table.
I found these beautiful rabbit plates, cabbage leaf plates and bowls. 

I also ordered some cabbage plates that are not here yet.

Now, if only I can get my sourdough bread to look like the pictures on the internet I will be all set!!!!! Ha! Ha!
I can't wait for the Princess to have her egg hunt!
Do you feel like the year is flying by already and it really has just started?
Me too! It is almost April! That's crazy!

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