Saturday, March 5, 2016


Well there were bubbles, but then the train quit working.
I fixed it. The lever was not working correctly so I super glued a piece on and now it works all the time. To stop from working the handle has to be removed. It just pulls off.
 I think it will be better this way so she doesn't have to push a button to make bubbles come out.
She will be back tomorrow, so hopefully we have a new train that blows bubbles by then.
Other then that the weather has been outstanding! Rain/Wind/Rain/Wind. I love it! Well except for the wind. I am excited we are getting hammered with rain though. Even if that means I am stuck inside. I keep looking out and thinking how beautiful the flowers are going to look this Spring. Things are really growing well.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cindee girl !!
I finally have the RIGHT place again and look at the Little Princess ! She is getting so big and looking older now .. what a change : )
So glad you got your right blog back and it is looking wonderful .. I love the rudbeckia background .. really pretty !
I have you updated on my blog list now too so we are both good to go .. we are actually having a cloudy day with a bit of hail changing to rain today .. I know you appreciate all the rain you get there.
Joy : )