Monday, March 7, 2016

Break In The Storm

The Princess loves the outdoors as much as me I think.

This picture seems to say it all. It was an ahhh moment with the warm sunshine shining down on us. Although it was cold otherwise. A breeze and the feeling that Spring was springing up all around us was perfect.
We had 2 inches of rain overnight. It poured and the wind blew. I wondered how the latest addition to the garden held up. So far so good. The mini hurricane didn't do much damage.(-:

I found the crab at TJMax. My new favorite thing.(-:

This group has stood the test of time, aka the grey squirrels. They want to dig in the boxes and have managed to uproot all the succulents so many times I think some are growing on the ground now. I keep adding sea shells in the boxes to keep them from digging, but of course that doesn't seem to scare them.

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