Thursday, January 7, 2016


So happy to report that we are being soaked! I am a happy gardener. More storms headed our way too! Going to be a great gardening year at this rate.  Hard to believe this creek was bone dry for months.

This pond is below the house. It is plumb full now. It was a mere mud puddle before the storms came.

And you are probably wondering how the boat is holding up? The answer is better then I thought. The water drains right out of it. I am impressed with that actually, because it was just kind of thrown in there.
Every few days I go out and replace the batteries in the solar light so it will continue to light up at night. It is really fun to look out and see the boat lit up.
I did have to buy a battery charger since the sun is rare these days. It was well worth the extra cash. Such a small price to pay for so many hours of enjoyment.

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