Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another Spring Like Day

I worked all day outside yesterday. I was so tired I came in, took a shower and was in bed by 7pm! I didn't even eat dinner. I am old! I use to be able to go non stop everyday, but it seems one day on a weekend is enough! Today I am watching the Princess for a few hours so my daughter can go to lunch with a friend. SO I will be
I do have a lot of work to do outside, but having a Princess visit is way more fun(-: It is what I live for.

The yard is looking much better though after all that work. The rose garden was torn out. What was salvageable was replanted. I will make the rose garden into a shade garden now. I am excited about that. It does get filtered sun in the Summer so some things will grow well there. I widened the rock path through there too. It was much to narrow but was all I could do when the roses were there. Even then I was always attacked by the roses as I walked through there. So glad they are outta there.

I moved rocks  in the border where the roses were moved and will plant grass seed this Spring. It looks nicer there. It was full of asters and I was sick of them too. There was a native wildflower there also that was basically a weed and I am so glad to get that out. The hubby rototilled that area for me. So now I have basically two new areas to enjoy. I have a lot of thinking to do to decide what I want to plant in the rose garden area. I did put some azaleas there that I had in pots. I will see how they do. I am sure I will come up with something.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Yes that stuff that makes flowers grow is falling here this morning! I love the rain and all the good things it does!
The finger continues to heal. Tomorrow I will get to remove the bandage to see what it looks like(-:
Today I will hang out inside and dream of a beautiful Spring filled with a massive amount of blooms!
What a wonderful dream!
Incase you wondered I made the "C pillow" a few years ago. It sits on my outdoor bed.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finger Surgery

I had my finger surgery today and had the alien  cyst removed.
It was a pretty easy office procedure.
The finger was cleaned and then a few shots of Novocain were applied.
I have had the numbing shots before. It sucks It isn't to bad. Just not a great feeling.
I waited about 10 or so minuets while that took affect. Then the doctor did the removal.
So glad it is done and on the road to recovery. Hopefully, I will have better use of my finger when it is healed.
My finger was numb for almost 8 hours! Amazing!
Here are some gross pictures of the removal.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It Was A Beautiful Spring Day...

I mean Winter day. It was over 70 degrees here today! Amazing. Went for a walk with the Princess.
She brings such great joy to my life. I am so blessed!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Is everyone hitting the sales for all the after Christmas goodies?

I did some shopping the day after Christmas and scored two cloches with bases at Michaels for 70% off. I should have bought them all. They were a steal. They are big and heavy. Super excited to use them for something. Not sure why I like cloches but I always have wanted one or more to display things in.

These are examples I found on pinterest

Easter decorations maybe? I'm sure I will figure out something.