Sunday, November 15, 2015


Last week Jack was bit by a coyote.
They have been coming in closer and closer.
There is no water around so they are looking at my yard for a drink.
Jack doesn't like coyotes so of course he barks at them.
It was a very scary couple of minutes. Glad he was o.k.
He required antibiotics, but he was up to date on rabies.
Poor Jack. It was a long few days of him feeling sad.  He received a lot of T. L. C. of course(-:

The other thing we have had problems with is a bobcat. It has now killed three chickens. )-: The pen was reinforced so hopefully it can not get in. Not a great week here. Hopefully next week will be better(-:


My Little Family: said...

Oh no! Let me at those coyotes - they can't hurt my buddy Jack!


CiNdEe said...

We have been watching for a return. Have not seen it again. )-: