Friday, October 2, 2015

More Work On Boat Garden

Don't mind the cockeyed pots. I know some people will go nuts with that one. I am one of those people(-:  I just threw those plants in there to see what it would look like(-:

I have more tweaking to do with the creek bed, but I like it for the most part.
Now for the bridge to be built. The bridge builder and I are having a go around with the design. I have my idea he has his. But you all know I will win in the end. (-: I want a bigger version then he wants. I think I have convinced him though, the bigger one would look better(-:

I need to get another yard of sand. I thought I was done. Ha Ha! I may never be done with the sand part either. I also need more small rocks to put around the ponds. I am having fun playing in the sand though. I can almost believe I am at the beach! In a ship wreck..
on a deserted island(-:

Oh and we had rain yesterday! Just a light sprinkle, but it was so nice. My faithful helper Captain Jack ran inside the house though. He hates getting wet. )-:

I am happy Fall is here, but I am also sad that Summer is over. I won't be able to work outside much longer. That is if El Nino actually does arrive.
I guess I can sit in my chair and pretend we are having a hurricane at the beach (-:
It should be an interesting Winter.
The hatches will have to be batten down for sure.

I know I need more shells. I have to work on that(-:

Oh well....Here is the newest picture! Enjoy your Friday.


ferne said...

I like it!

CiNdEe said...

Thanks(-: Just got done unloading another yard of sand. I am done with sand finally!