Sunday, September 20, 2015


This is one of the things I got with the gift certificate from Carruth Studios.
It is a fish head.
I think it is pretty funny. DH welded a rod/stand for the fish head to sit on. I glued him onto the platform. Kinda looks like he is looking out of the water that way.
You may remember I got this old cauldron from my brother and we found the pump on Craigslist.
There is a fisherman standing next to the cauldron too. You can see the fish hook in the background.
Since the fish is the center of attention I didn't photograph the fisherman.

 I also got two new sun/moon faces. They look nice on the wall with all my other ones.
Also worked on getting the big project closer to being done. A lot more work for that to be finished though. Might run out of time this Fall. But for sure next Spring I will finish it up. You will have to keep checking back if you want to see it.(-:
And last but certainly not least I got a butterfly house put up.
 I have never had one before.  Shortly after that a butterfly flew in the yard. I ran to get my camera and grabbed the little one. It does not take the best pictures but here is the butterfly.
Do you think it is a Monarch? I was so excited to see it. It flew around the yard for a while then sailed off on a new adventure. I have never seen this type of butterfly here before.
So I guess if you build it they will come. I should have done that sooner.
Have a great week!


ferne said...

Yes I do think that is a monarch. I have lots of them here now. I have several Butterfly bushes that they like and the butterfly weed that is about to go to seed. I love seeing all your creative ideas in your yard!

CiNdEe said...

Thanks Ferne(-:
I was super happy to see the butterfly here.