Friday, April 10, 2015

Garden Boating

You did read that right.
I am playing with the idea of adding a boat, or in my case, half a boat or less to my beach garden. This is a regular boat.
Old and useless for a lake adventure but perfect for a point of interest/yard art item.
It will entail a lot of work to get it cut in half and moved to the area I want it to be in, but what the heck.
It also has a handy little "cabin" storage area. What more could I ask for?
The price is right and I have the backhoe to help with moving and placing, so it may be a possibility this Fall.
I would wait because I don't want to destroy the whole area right now. Everything is blooming and beautiful. The fun part is I can have lights inside the "cabin" of the boat and the lights on the boat itself can light up at dark. With the help of solar lights of course(-:
Doesn't this sound fun? I know it's a quirky idea but I am a tad bit on the quirky side as you already know. Stay tuned. I will go see the boat tomorrow and decide. SO excited I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!

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