Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy First Day Of Spring!

Are you ready yet?
Yesterday I worked all day washing windows and cleaning the front porch of cobwebs and mud dobber nests.
What fun! I could barely walk inside at the end of the day!
But, it looks fabulous!
So Yes! I am ready for SPRING! I can see clearly out the windows now! That is good right?
Today is overcast here. Suppose to rain today sometime. I am excited for that to happen of course. Of course though, I just washed the windows. So yes it will rain for sure! It's o.k. rain water won't hurt them too much right?

It is also just a couple weeks until Easter. What? When did that happen? This whole Spring thing just snuck right up on me! Not ready for that yet. I need to get busy.

I did order a butterfly bench. The table/chairs I ordered last year are so wonderful and I enjoy them so much, but only enough seating for two. Which is normally fine, but if someone else comes over I want to be able to enjoy the space with everyone. This bench is not from the set, but I loved it and thought it would fit in well. Hopefully it arrives soon.

I am anxious to put all the plants outside too. I have a bunch of Christmas cactus in the house I need to move outdoors when it is safe. I think that is soon. It is pretty protected on the front porch so I might try to move them out there this weekend. I also have a big begonia in the house too. It over wintered well inside so I will bring it in next Fall again if I don't have a greenhouse by then.
Well enjoy your day!

Oh how I would love to be this little garden gnome resting on this nice Spring Day! (-:
Ha! Ha! I must quit dreaming...back to my Spring cleaning! TTFN!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG ! Cindee girl, how cute is this little guy ?
I hope you are going to take pictures of the bench so we can see it !
It is still winter here ... but it is raining .. so maybe if we are lucky some snow will disappear ... BUG sigh !
Can you come over and help me with Spring cleaning ???? hahaha
Joy : )

just jody said...

Girl… need to send some of that energy my way! I worked in my garden the last couple of weekends too….sooooo nice to play in the dirt but I'm thinking your gnome has the right idea. Happy Gardening!