Friday, February 27, 2015

New Pond

My brother got the huge cast iron bowl from a friend who was moving. I still have to tweek the area.  I just threw it together really quick so I could take a picture. (-: That place had an in ground pond that was needing to be redone anyhow so I just filled in the hole with pea gravel and set the bowl on top. I am happy so far with the results. I did trample the mondo grass down while I was doing it, so it is not looking to great at the moment.
That was a crazy amount of work for one day let me tell you.(-: I have so much cleaning up from our big storm that it is taking longer this year to get the yard back in order.
Oh and I broke the camera by dropping it partly in the water. I think though it is just the lens that is broken. How did I do that? Geez Oh well things happen right? No biggie. LOL
Have a great weekend!!!

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