Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Tooth For The Princess

Yup it's a first for her. She actually got it last Saturday but I forgot to post it. So now she is working on a few more.(-: She was not a happy camper waiting for this one to come in. Hopefully the next ones are easier for her and Mommy and Daddy. (-:

Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Old Chair and Other Stuff

We went to an Art and Antiques Fair yesterday and I found this little chair. Not sure where it will go yet but I thought I would share it(-:

Working on a little area where the new table and chairs will go. Can't wait till they arrive on Wednesday! Oh wait I forgot to share what they will look like. Here is a picture of them. They are full sized. I think they are so adorable and I just know they will fit in with all the weirdness in my garden.
Moved a heuchera in and took the geranium out. Well now you can't see the elf face. Looks like he is sniffing the leaf. Still moving things around not sure what is staying.

This will be where Klara and I will have tea parties and enjoy the birds and butterflies flying around the yard. Lots of work to get done before the table and chairs set arrives.(-: I think my back is saying take a break!
And once again I replanted the tree planter. This is a Heuchera Lime Ruffles. I think I like this better. More like a tree. But that could change next week. I can't decide.(-: