Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ready For Summer

School is out in 7 days. I can hardly wait! I am so tired of this year. I am ready to play outside and work on some new projects whatever those may be(-:
I redid my window planter again. Nothing grows in it so I decided why keep trying? I decided to add to the beach theme and do a beach planter. So I made a trip to Michaels yesterday and got some shells, netting and starfish. Added the sand and *poof* its a mini beach! The bathtub shower pond is right next to it as you might remember if not here is a photo of it.
Olddddd picture but you remember now right? I need to get a new picture taken of that. On the to do list! It seems I change things around every year. I get tired of looking at it one way then move it around or move plants around etc. I think I am happy with how it looks now though. At least for this year!
And, speaking of beaches, I got my beach garden all fixed up for Summer too. Had to repaint the legs and I added a couple new things there too. I will get a picture of that soon too! Since this is as close to a real beach as I will be getting anytime soon I have to enjoy it right?(-:
How about and old one for now? My how things have changed at that beach! Looks so different now. Loved the old bottle tree. I wish I still had that one. The new one is nice just not as carefree as that old peach tree made it look. I got rid of the driftwood too. It all rotted away. Still have same decorations just more of them now. So fun to play around with that garden.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Potted Blooms


Isn't this pretty? I forgot what it is. I got it a couple years ago at Simply Plants so if you are reading this Yvette please post what it is. I never planted it in the ground just left it in the pot and stuck the pot in the pot planter. It bloomed last year and again this year. I love the flowers. I should buy some more(-:

Enchanted Tree Face Planter

I have wanted one of these for a long time so, when a recent bareroot tree failed to grow, I decided to take it back and buy this instead.
A forever tree(-: I thought it was really cute. I haven't named him yet but, he is a he and he will have a name soon(-: Do you like his red hair? It is a penstemon. I will just see how it does this year. I thought about a Heuchera for more of a "tree" look but I thought I would go with a "hair" look first. If I don't like it then I will find another something to put in there next year.  My forever tree will be versatile that way(-:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Garden stroll

I now have more whirly things in my garden then most people have on their house.(-: I did try to give some away. No one wanted any. It is hard to explain making a planter out of something that looks like it belongs on the roof. But with a few things removed they work great! One I did leave as a whirly thing. Sometimes it spins but most of the time it just sits there in all it's rusted glory. I love rust(-: The two new ones won't rust though. They are aluminum but I think they look nice just the way they are(-:
 I bought several new Heuchera and a couple of Hosta. I had my Chauffeur (aka my husband) drive me all over the place Saturday to hunt down all the things I wanted.(-:
The old grain storage bin was replanted yesterday with hens and chicks. I sat my metal chicken up next to them. Last year I had mondo grass in it, but did not like it, so I took it all out yesterday and replanted with the hens and chicks(sempervivim).
The other little chicken planter I put a sempervivum in too. Those things multiply like crazy. I love that. I can count on them to fill up things each year. I do have a lot of different ones to pick from. Some are hardy growers and some are not so. I do like how they look though when they fill in a pot or something. They look really nice in shoes.

Of course I saved the best for last. My new little owl planter. I was at the nursery last week and decided I could not leave without it. I haven't found a place to put him yet. I just stuck him in that wagon for his photograph. I don't want him to break. I have not decided what to plant in him yet either. More Semps? Flowers?
I did find other things on my shopping trip. I will post them later. I am out of room!

Happy Mothers Day

To all the Happy Mothers !!!!And of course Grandmothers(-:

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Stroll In The Garden

These old Bunnies are watching over the garden.

I found this deer skull last winter in the creek. It still had a lot of "stuff" on it but now it is all cleaned up and ready for displaying.(-: Not sure on its final resting place, but for now its sitting in my wheelbarrow with the pink petunias.

I found this little owl or I should say big fat owl at the Grocery Outlet! I couldn't pass it up! Mushrooms I had already.