Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Princess and the Hedge

Klara now gets to have tummy time on her little mat with toys and a mirror. She loves seeing herself in the mirror. She also is enjoying her Soooo's aka pacifier.
Did I write about my latest project in the garden? Probably not because my mind has been mostly on my little Princess for the last few months.
Anyhow, I wanted to plant a Chinese privet hedge around the front yard but kept putting it off. Each winter I would say to year I will get to that. So this was the year I chose to do that project. First all the plants had to be pulled. Mostly old hedge roses that were no longer doing well. That task was a project in itself as you can imagine. The backhoe was involved. It looked so much better just getting those out of there. Then the process to find new hedge plants that were not an arm and a leg. My search led to eBay where I found what I was looking for. In the old days I would just go over to my great aunts house and dig away. But since she is no longer on this Earth I had no easy way to get that many plants. So I ordered them on eBay and waited patiently while they were shipped to me and lost in the process! Yup lost. How does the mail get lost? It was insured and tracked and it was lost at the post office here in town. After a week of looking for the package, it was located and I went and picked up the plants. The leaves had all fallen off but the plants were still alive! Whew! I soaked them in a bucket of water over night and planted them the next day.
So today I finished my new hedge planting complete with mulch around each plant. We still have not received any rain so I had to give each one a little dousing with water. Kinda funny to see 60 little sticks standing up in a row. Now to be patient and watch them grow.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

Are you guys getting tired of seeing Klara yet? I didn't think could you? She is such a doll. She is resting up and growing so she can help her Grandmother garden this Summer!!!

Still dry as a bone here. No rain in sight. This area may become a dust bowl by Summer.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Klara Is One Month Old Today

I can't believe a month has past! It seems like its been longer really, when I think back on the past month. Weird how that is. It all seems like a blur to me. Klara is doing great. Growing like a weed. Her mom had the stomach flu for five days and I got to sit with Klara while she was getting over that.
I haven't gotten anything done here in this month. Trying to work on a few outside things but that is slow going. Our weather is crazy like Spring. It is very dry and warm. Not going to be a good Summer around here if we don't get any rain soon!